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100 years of innovation in Styria

6. January 2014

Styria, Austria's 'Green Heart', celebrates a centenary of innovation in green technology.

It all started in 1913 when Viktor Kaplan from Mürzzuschlag invented the hydropower turbine with adjustable rotor blades. Little did he know that as he applied for the turbine's patent he would become the first in a long line of pioneers in Styria.
For nearly 100 years now the Austrian region Styria has been exporting and producing innovative technologies in the field of renewable energy and recycling and has gained an international reputation as Green Tech Valley

Many Styrian pioneers of the past can be thanked for today’s environment and energy engineering. Amongst others; Nikola Tesla, Viktor Hess, Ludwig Boltzmann, Franz Pichler and Hans List.

Today, more than 170 companies and research facilities, develop and produce innovative, clean technologies and products in the green heart of Europe, the Green Tech Valley. They are part of the Environment Engineering Cluster Eco World Styria .

The cluster members rely specifically on knowledge-based production and support growth by the intensified collaboration of industry, research and services. The Styrian energy and environment engineering industry significantly contributes to the fact that Eco World Styria was chosen as European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) 2013 and that Styria is one of the most innovative European regions with an R & D quota of 4.3 %.

To read more about Eco World Styria and Green Tech Valley please visit: