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Beautiful body art: Austrian bodypainting agency to run workshops in London

20. March 2014

Austrian agency WB Production are to become a regular fixture in the London bodypainting art scene having launched a series of workshops at their new studio in Kings Cross.

With almost 20 years industry experience WB Production are the organisers of the World Bodypainting Festival, which takes place every year in Austria and hosts the World Championships of this art form. The agency also runs the WB Academy, which has raised the level of teaching in the body art industry around the world.

They have launched their London studio with an exciting series of workshops with world class body painting instructors where students will benefit from specialist facilities and a purpose built photo studio.

WB Production

The opening workshop earlier this month focussed on the topic of "Cyborg, Robots & UV" and was run by
German UV Bodypainting World Champion, Wolf Reicherter, and London born bodypainter, Victoria Gugenheim.

Together with the World Bodypainting Association, WB Production aims to promote the growth of the art of bodypainting at its highest form and to encourage high quality art standards. 

They offer general introductions to the art of bodypainting, artistic and historical training, training in specific areas, focus groups for competitions, commercials or courses on special techniques. Training is also offered on working with different materials for special effects, beauty and fashion make-up.

Details and workshop dates can be found at

About the World Bodypainting Festival

The World Bodypainting Festival in Austria (WBF) is a melting pot of artistic performance, art and lifestyle. For almost two decades artists from over 40 nations have been converging on a small town in Austria to compete for World Champion titles in bodypainting. The Championships are the centre of many creative projects over the week long festival that attracts up to 30,000 visitors.

The massive growth of this event has been the platform for the development of an art form that was little known twenty years ago. Through its constant drive in creating new possibilities for artists and presenting them with new challenges, the WBF has been the catalyst for the explosion in numbers and quality of artists who now call themselves bodypainters. With its long tradition the WBF is considered the founder of the modern bodypainting art movement.

Details about the World Bodypainting Festival at