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A taste of digital Vienna

8. December 2014

Leading lights from London’s thriving digital community met with some of their Viennese counterparts last week, as Advantage Austria played host to Content Award on Tour – showcasing the best digital content from Vienna.

Guests were welcomed by producer, author, and neuro-scientist Adrian Hon , who, as founder of award-winning games developer Six to Start , is also the man behind the world’s most successful fitness game for smartphones, Zombies, Run!

After an insight into the virtues of London as a development hotspot, the focus turned firmly towards the Austrian capital. Jutta Scheibelberger of the Vienna Business Agency 's ContentAward team explained how Vienna-based digital creatives are benefitting from a whole range of facilities, support, and funding opportunities – proving that a city perhaps better known for its imperial palaces and tempting cakes truly is at the crossroads of culture and technology.

With digital content as with cake, though, the proof is in the pudding, and two of Austria’s most successful young games developers were on hand to make the point. Michael Benda and Philipp Schäfer, founders of Vienna’s Zeppelin Studio , told how help from the Vienna Business Agency saw their multi award-winning gameSchein go from university project to international hit.

The game is based on the story of a father looking for his lost son in a menacing swamp. The glow of a magical will-o’-wisp is his only aid, and players must draw on all its powers to progress through the levels. With its charming illustrations and unusual challenges, Schein has already conquered the PC, and its creators are looking forward to bringing it to other platforms.

A platform you don’t see every day is the Vienna Business Agency’s ‘Content Cloud’ (pictured), an inflatable digital hub that let our guests go hands-on with some of the content they had just been hearing about. View all the photos here .