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Invitation: BikeCityGuide at Blaze Laser Party, 4th Sep 2014

29. August 2014

With the dark season ahead, it is time to upgrade the cycle gear accordingly. Blaze and BikeCityGuide teamed up for an exciting event to give cyclists the opportunity to try Blaze's "Laserlight" and BikeCityGuide's brand new London sat-nav app or cyclists.

The Blaze Laser Party will be hosted at the Olympic Park between 7 and 9pm. Cyclists can take a Laserlight for a spin along one mile of unlit road at VeloPark Road Circuit. To guide you safely to and from the venue, BikeCityGuide is joining the party.

London has seen a surge in cycling as commuting by bike rose by 144% over the last ten years. In 2011 about 155,000 Londoners cycled to work. The number of people using bicycles as a means of daily transport is nevertheless still behind the Major of London's target of a cycling share of 5% out of all transportation types in London by 2026.

Missing infrastructure and safety concerns are among the most often cited reasons for Londoners to not cycle in their capital. BikeCityGuide’s and Blaze’s innovative technologies both contribute to making cycling in London safer.

BikeCityGuide’s mobile app is based on Open Street Map data and runs on iOs and Android. The app takes a number of individual characteristics into account, such as bicycle type, preferred cycling speed and road texture, to calculate the most suitable and cycle-friendly road.

Blaze’s Laserlight was developed to tackle lack of awareness among drivers, the key trigger of accidents that involve cyclists. The Laserlight bike light project a green bike symbol between 5 and 6 meters ahead of the cyclist in order to alert drivers if the bicycle is in their blind spot.

If you RSVP to the event at you will get access to the BikeCityGuide app ahead of its London launch and can collect your complementary Finn at the event. Finn, is BikeCityGuide's very own silicon mobile mount, which fits every handlebar and almost any mobile.