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Austria: The dream country for retirement

View of Vienna's old city © Österreich Werbung/Popp G.

© Österreich Werbung/Popp G.


US economic journal Forbes went looking for the top ten retirement havens. The results: Austria wins out with high living standards and decent medical care.

The fact that people are living longer and that the number of pensioners is rising steadily is nothing new. Economic strategists and product development specialists have long been identifying new target markets to take advantage of the latent purchasing power. A recent Forbes ranking is dedicated to these demographic developments in countries which are best suited to a pleasant retirement. Top of the list: Austria!

Criteria such as visa regulations, quality of life, medical care, climate and English skills of the local residents were key factors. Austria won out above all thanks to the high standard of living, good medical care, the elegant architecture of Austrian cities and the beautiful landscapes.

Austria was followed by Thailand, Italy, Panama, Ireland, Australia, France, Malaysia, Spain and Canada.