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Software and Automation - Austrian specialities

Software und Automatisierung, Austria Export Nr 137 © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA



Austria is not just the land of mountains and music, in the last 20 years it has developed into a "software country". Austrian companies and solutions count among the world's best in this segment.

The information and communication technology industry is one of the Austrian economy’s most important growth drivers. It accounts for a quarter of economic growth and a third of the productivity growth of Austrian GDP. It is precisely for small countries like Austria that there are excellent opportunities to gain a worldwide foothold in the field of research and development.

Austria’s information technology and software companies have also succeeded in retaining their position even in the face of the international crisis. Taken alone, the companies which are members of the Trade Association of the Austrian Software Industry generate annual revenue of over EUR 3 billion and employ 15,000 staff.

Further information on “Austria, the Software Country” can be found in the latest “Austria-Export”:

Software and Automation


Software and Automation
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