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Coffeeshop Company: Coffee house culture from Austria

Schärf Coffeeshop © Schärf Coffeeshop GmbH

© Schärf Coffeeshop GmbH


The Austrian company currently enjoys success with over 200 outlets in 15 countries worldwide. The rapid growth path is now taking the Coffeeshop Company all the way to China.

The family-owned company Schärf , based in Neusiedl am See, Burgenland, is rapidly taking the worldwide coffee scene by storm. The franchise concept of Coffeeshop Company is the main driving force behind the expansion in Europe, America and Asia. Since the Coffeeshop Company opened its first shop in Vienna in 1999, coffee lovers across the globe can now choose from 204 shops in 15 countries worldwide.

Following on from successful growth in Russia (27 shops in just 2 years), coffee from the Coffeeshop Company is now also available in China. The first results from Shanghai are so positive that a second shop is about to open in September. Further expansion will take place by the end of the year, seeing the global total rise to 220 shops. The focus is on Morocco, Russia, the Ukraine and Cyprus. But shops from the Coffeeshop Company are not only found on land, but also on the water: the Coffeeshop Company has been represented on 37 cruise ships of the US "Carnival Cruise Line" for many years.

The company is committed to high quality and is among the industry leaders in its chosen markets. Hardly surprising as they are deliberately combining the concept of the American coffee shop with world famous Viennese coffee house culture.

Over a period of around 10 years the company has managed to increase the export rate from 3% to 64%.