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Cheeseco now available on Georgian market


Austrian quality meets Georgian taste

Cheeseco, a new Georgian cheese company, established by a joint Austrian and Georgian partnership, its products are now available on supermarket shelves. Cheeseco is one of the member companies of Eco-Food holdings. According to the Director of Cheeseco, Mr Lasha Orkoshneli: “The project is funded by Austrian investors whilst the remaining managerial issues are headed by the Georgian sides.” The factory is located in the Lilo agricultural zone in the suburbs of Tbilisi. The plant is well equipped with modern technology and produces 12 types of cheese. However, the factory is increasing its variety of Georgian cheese each week.

The plant construction began in the fall of 2011 and was completed in April, 2012. In total the company employs about 700 workers. “Our plant consumes around 60 tons of milk per day, and generates around 7-8 tons of cheese for every eight hours,” Mr. Orkoshneli explained to Invest Today. He also announced that the factory is working to expand the production volume. Eco-food itself is on of the large milk consumer organizations in Georgia. It offers around 40 patterns of various products including: milk, cheese, fruit yogurt, butter, sour-cream, cookies and mayonnaise. In order to secure customer loyalty, the main purpose of Cheeseco is to manufacture the highest-quality fresh cheese and deliver it to the Georgian market. “Cheeseco products are sold under ECO-food’s trademarks and can be found throughout Georgian supermarkets. The sales prices range between 7 and 12 Lari per kg,” Orkoshneli says.

In addition to its plans to supply the entire Georgian market, the company is in the midst of dealing with exports to Ukraine and Kazakhstan. “We are negotiating to start exporting to EU countries, but the process will take some time,” Orkoshneli added. For the present, the main segment of clients is medium and high income households. “Considering the fact that we have positive results reflected by our recent sales, it allows me to predict the prosperity of the business.” The investment volume in to l is 6 million EUR. For further information please visit: