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Belarus and Austria considering cooperation in utilising technical waste

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President of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich considers that such waste can be used as a fuel and energy resource.

 During the roundtable session representatives of Belarusian provinces and Minsk presented specific proposals for cooperation with the Austrian side.

Apart from that, during the meeting the utilisation of alternative energy sources in Belarus as well as energy effectiveness was discussed. Projects for setting up small cogeneration plants, which burn local fuels, were considered. In particular, the talks touched upon building such a cogeneration plant in Pruzhany with a view to producing heating energy and electricity.

Alternative energy sources make up 24% of Austria ’s fuel and energy budget. The share of local fuels in Belarus is supposed to make at least 25% by 2012.

Participants of the roundtable session also paid attention to energy pricing. For example, in Austria electricity tariffs industrial companies pay are twice as low as electricity tariffs for individuals. “We should take a note of this, if we’re going to compete on the international market,” remarked Mikhail Myasnikovich.

Projects for producing construction materials, in particular, insulants, were considered.