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Ocean Maps is revolutionising the sport of diving

28. November 2017

The Austrian software developer is causing a stir in the global sport diving industry with its unique interactive 3-D underwater maps.

The Austrian software developer Ocean Maps produces the world’s first interactive 3D underwater maps, combining a range of methods that reflect local water depths and specific local conditions. The use of cutting-edge sonar, satellite and video data software enables Ocean Maps to represent conditions underwater more accurately than ever before, so it is now possible to explore the world hidden beneath the waves in complete safety, irrespective of visibility conditions and currents.

This helps Ocean Maps’ international customers – including firms from the worlds of eBusiness, drinking water provision and construction – to precisely identify and describe conditions beneath the surface. Divers and diving schools, meanwhile, can use the interactive 3D diving maps to practise their next dive in advance, in near real-world conditions. A range of different representations of reefs or famous wrecks can thus be explored long before the divers strap on their scuba gear. Meticulous planning with accurate charts reduces risk and increases dive safety.

The OceanMaps team work all over the world. Following their successful market launch in the USA, the Austrians are now working on first orders for some really big international customers, and they are also growing their presence in the UK. Diving locations in Palau, Indonesia, the Philippines, Spain and the USA have already been charted. The next expedition will take the survey team to the island of Yap (Oceania) – Ocean Maps’s eventual aim is to map as many diving areas as possible.