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AUSTRIANS are number 1 railway users in the European Union

April 22, 2015

No other nation in the EU travels more kilometers by train

According to IRG-Rail, the European monitoring agency for the railway sector, Austrians have the highest preference for travelling by train among all EU-countries, surpassing France in 2013. With 1425 km travelled on railroads per year and person, Austrians travel 46 % more by train than average Europeans and four times more than Polish travelers.

One of the reasons for this is the moderate price of train tickets in Austria. The average cost for one kilometer travelled by railway is 5,9 cent. This is almost a third of what people pay in Britain (15,6 cent) and significantly cheaper than in Germany (8,9 cent) and Spain (8,2 cent) for example. The advancing market liberalization adds to the low prices. Only in Britain and Poland (with 99 % and 50 % respectively) private companies have more market shares than in Austria, where private companies now transport 12% of all passengers.

However, the low prices are not the only reason for Austria climbing the number 1 rank. In the past few years, one of the most important railway tracks in Austria has been upgraded significantly and networks, speed and service expand in the whole country. The routes are becoming faster and compete even with medium range air travel and individual car usage.

New infrastructure adds up to this picture, making travelling by train easier and more comfortable, with Vienna’s brand new central station and completely overhauled and upgraded stations all over Austria.