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European Union: Energy savings of 30 % until 2030

September 26, 2014

Higly efficient Austrian industry faces challenge to further reduce energy consumption and develop new technologies

The European Union aspires to save considerable amounts of energy until 2030 and set forth a new regulation on energy efficiency. By 2030, all the EU Member States should reach total energy savings of 30 % compared to the total energy consumption in 1990. The Commission of the European Union assumes that an energy saving of 20 % can already be reached throughout Europe by 2020.

Austria recently issued a new Act on Energy Efficiency and is prepared to assume this responsibility. Austrian companies in the past already contributed highly to the efforts of reducing overall energy consumption, reaching the target with the use of advanced technologies and efficient production processes.

This is the reason, why industry representatives perceive the new target as very ambitious and challenging for an already nowadays highly energy efficient Austrian industry. Minister of Science, Research and Economy, Reinhold Mitterlehner, recently stressed out, that the 30 % target will be a challenge for Austria. With the new Austrian Act on Energy Efficiency the country is prepared to meet the expectations with even more sophisticated energy efficiency technologies in Austria.