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Financing public transport

April 22, 2015

City of Vienna to finance 40 % of operational cost for the public transport system

The city of Vienna and public transportation company “Wiener Linien” renew their contract for a partial financing of the operational cost of the public transportation system for the 2017-2032 period.

The Vienna city government is determined to provide a modern, efficient and above all affordable public transportation system to the citizens. In total the city will provide for 40 % of the overall operational cost of the system, which includes subway, rapid transit, light railway, buses, amongst others and operates 24/7 throughout the year. This means a contribution of 500 million Euros only for 2017, where investments in infrastructure and maintenance expenses are not included.

“Wiener Linien” in exchange commits to fulfill ambitious criteria in regards to quality and quantity of the services provided. Among those are punctuality, cleanliness and customer satisfaction which are evaluated on a yearly basis. In case they are not met, financing will be reduced, while there will be a bonus payment if the results exceed the criteria.

The city government is committed to provide affordable public transport and makes it possible that an annual ticket can be offered at half price (365 Euros instead of 730 Euros per year).