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Indonesia Business Round Table and ASEAN/China summit in Vienna

December 14, 2017

Indonesia attracts attention at a Business Round Table and the ASEAN/China summit in Vienna.

The EU is one of the largest investors in ASEAN, but free trade negotiations between China and ASEAN could impact the role of the EU in ASEAN. By 2020, ASEAN will be the 5th largest economy worldwide. For these reasons, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA hosted an Indonesia Business Round Table and an ASEAN summit in Vienna in December 2017, to inform Austrian companies about business opportunities in the region, with particular emphasis on Indonesia.

On December 1, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna hosted a business delegation from Indonesia, which consisted of both government officials and private sector companies. And subsequently, a business round table was organized to connect the Indonesian Delegation with Austrian companies with business interests in Indonesia.

The recent introduction of the national health insurance scheme, JKN, and the increasing demand for healthcare for a growing middleclass make Indonesia an attractive emerging market for companies in the healthcare sector. On December 5, Mr. Clemens Machal, the Austrian Commercial Counsellor in Jakarta, discussed the Indonesian healthcare sector and investment opportunities in a panel discussion and one-on-one meetings with Austrian companies.