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January 8, 2019

"Rooted in Upper Austria, in use worldwide!" is the title chosen by the “Upper Austria Export Center” (the Austrian region of Upper Austria’s export promotion organization) for its project to find, together with the start-up platform “Gründen” and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, the best Upper Austrian start-up companies. Among all applicants, 21 were chosen as "Upper Austria’s hottest international start-ups".

SYN TRAC - An innovative vehicle with endless applications

SYN TRAC has created a vehicle design that brings together technology, safety and comfort – a new vehicle with endless applications! Read more here!

surgebright - Natural bone surgery with no metal

surgebright is a tissue bank that uses donated human bone tissue to carefully create transplant material that can replace synthetic devices made of metal or plastic. This prevents complications and speeds up the healing process for patients. Read more here!

Storyblok - Content management has never been simpler

Storyblok makes content blocks, simplifying content management even in complex layouts. A content block allows a developer to reuse components in different places and fill them with new content each time as required. Read more here!

rudy games - Changing the way you play

rudy games manufactures board games combined with an app that adapts the tasks to be performed according to the age and interests of players. Any number of games are available in five different categories, with supplementary questions, challenges and contests available from the app. Read more here!

roofSec - The roof of the future

roofSec is a completely automatic damp monitoring system for all kinds of flat roofs. The system can locate seepage and send just-in-time notifications as soon as the leak is spotted, thus guaranteeing 24/7 greater safety and more efficient monitoring for every kind of roof and roofing material. Read more here!

re­wel­lio - Better therapy options for stroke patients

In addition to its EMG bio-feedback armbands, manufactures virtual/augmented reality devices for rehabilitating stroke patients. The software has been developed to create a wider variety of improved therapy sessions, ensuring a speedier, more efficient and more pleasant convalescence. Read more here!

OKTAV - Unlimited piano music at a flat-rate price

OKTAV is a service providing piano sheet music. The company makes bespoke recommendations and offers a wide selection of different piano scores. An intelligent platform matches the tunes selected to the skill levels of the user. Read more here!

LINKILIKE - Influencing made easy

LINKILIKE aims to market social media content, creating more clicks for shared content and achieving positive SEO effects for web links. It promotes labels and other content through so-called micro-influencers, who share the information. Read more here!

LingoHub - Translations simpler than ever before

LingoHub provides ongoing translation management for product developers and can be seamlessly integrated into the product development process. Alterations to texts in files are automatically recognised and previous translations are marked for re-checking. Read more here!

Finnoq - Better guidance through the financial jungle

Finnoq is a decentralised protocol for crowdsourcing advice about financial products, instruments and services that provides a solution for opinion-gathering and decision-making on financial markets. It creates an open-source protocol for crowdsourcing guidance through which developers have access to the Finnoq Core software, on which they can build applications. Read more here!

Eightpins - New telescopic seatpost mount for bicycles

Eightpins © Eightpins (Lupaan GmbH)

© Eightpins (Lupaan GmbH)

Eightpins has developed a seatpost mount that is directly integrated into the mountain bike frame, enabling both single tube design and firm anchoring. The new Postpin seatpost mounting system holds the seatpost firmly in position and can be adjusted to any rider height or riding style. Read more here!

Chatvisor - Redefining customer communications with Chatvisor

Chatvisor provides a service that sends a user’s newsletter via Facebook. This helps to lift the number of subscribers and informs customers about the latest products/collections/innovations etc, all from within Messenger. Read more here!

Butleroy -
Better organisation with a new calendar app

Butleroy is a calendar offering a range of functions to maximise efficiency in your planning. The app integrates all your to-do lists, manages reminders and provides support for your scheduling. Read more here!

VIITA Watches - Smartwatches: the next generation

VIITA Watches produces timepieces with built-in GPS that can log and then display your every movement. With their touchscreen and heart rate monitor, they can provide intelligent training advice tailored to your individual needs and much more. Read more here!

Sensideon - Ready for extreme temperatures

Need to make precise data transfers even under extreme temperature conditions? Then you need Sensideon. It also features freely configurable and completely network-compatible system architecture that fits the bill for current trends such as cyber-physical systems and smart manufacturing. Read more here!

Roomle - Virtual room-planning, any time, any place, anywhere

Roomle is a cloud-based digital furniture platform that enables furniture dealers, brands and end users to plan and purchase items of furniture interactively, both on the go and on the internet. Read more here!

Presono - The next generation of presentations

Presono allows you to make multimedia presentations that depict content and news more flexibly while speeding up slide processing with greater interactivity. The software enables access to all business structure data and documents directly, both on- and offline. Read more here!

Newsadoo - No more fake news

Newsadoo © Newsadoo / 18th Floor Onlinemedia GmbH

© Newsadoo / 18th Floor Onlinemedia GmbH

Newsadoo is a digital platform aggregating trustworthy and relevant news from regional, national and/or international sources that can be used on your desktop, mobile or Alexa unit. Newsadoo uses artificial intelligence to understand, categorise and sort each article appropriately. Read more here!

Fretello - Virtual guitar lessons: any time, any place, anywhere

Fretello is a virtual guitar teacher, and the app makes professional guitar tuition available for all. Its features adapt to the student’s learning progress and provide individual feedback. The core lessons teach you how to play scales and improvise freely while incorporating playing techniques and musical theory. Read more here!

D3EIF - Digitalising freight services

D3EIF is a company providing software and hardware solutions for more effective fleet management and targeted monitoring of vehicles and freight. Read more here!

BikerSOS - Greater safety for motorcyclists

The BikerSOS app monitors all your motorcycle trips and can help in an emergency. The app has a function that identifies potential accidents when you are out riding your motorcycle and alerts your emergency contacts and the emergency services. Read more here!