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GE Energy Jenbacher Gas Engines Help Indonesia Meet Textile Industry´s On-Site Power Needs

August 23, 2005

Cogeneration unit installed at PT. Indah Jaya

Seeking to remain globally competitive by boosting production and quality levels, securing reliable power supply and controlling energy costs PT. Indah Jaya, a leading producer of towels, installed a cogeneration unit made by the Austrian company GE Energy Jenbacher. Due to the technological and cost advantages PT. Indah Jaya plans further additions to cover its entire power demand at the production facility in Tangerang. With regard to Indonesia´s intention to increase natural gas generated power and expansion of gas pipeline networks GE Energy Jenbacher´s gas engines are the perfect solution to replace existing diesel generators with more efficient, lower emission engines fueled by natural gas, which Indonesia has in abundance. GE Energy Jenbacher´s gas engines range in power from 0,25 to 3 MW and run on natural gas, a wide variety of biogases, liquid gases and combustible industrial waste gases.