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Sattler: Double-membrane Biogasholder

February 14, 2006

The Austrian company Sattler produces double-membrane biogasholders for the effective and ecofriendly intermediate storage of biogas. These gasholders are used mainly by sewage works with anaerobic facilities and by industry and agriculture. Maintenance-free and long-lived, Sattler double-membrane biogasholders can be installed within a few days and put straight into operation.

The gasholders consist of an outer membrane and bottom and inner membrane which together form the gasholding chamber. The membranes are fixed to a concrete base by means of an anchoring ring. The outer membrane is kept supported by the air from a continuosly running, explosion-proof fan, which also keeps the pressure constant when gas enters or leaves the holder. A level gauge and regulator control gas consumption.

Sattler double-membrane biogasholders are available in standard sizes of 50 qqm to 4,950 qqm and to measure.

Sattler AG
Sattlerstrasse 1
A-7571 Rudersdorf
Tel.: (+43-3382) 733-0
Fax: (+43-3382) 733-180


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