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New connection in the Indian Ocean

Oecusse is an exclave on the northern coast of the Indonesian island of Timor in the Indian Ocean. Here, the newly constructed Tono Bridge, built by Waagner-Biro, crosses a far-reaching inland inlet and connects the capital city, Pante Macassar, with the towns of Citrana and Passabe near the western border.

Originally conceived as 6x60 m standard truss bridge, the bridge now has a more modern look with a design consisting of three 120 m box arches and weighing around 2000 tons in total. President Mr. Mari Alkatiri took the final decision to adopt the design proposed by PT. Waagner-Biro Indonesia , making the Tono bridge the first of its kind in Timor Leste.

PT. Waagner-Biro Indonesia was ultimately awarded the contract to work on the design and fabrication of the bridge and to oversee its construction. The bridge’s green colour also lends it a natural, calming effect against the ocean in the background, and blends nicely with the surroundings.

The construction of such a technologically advanced bridge in such a remote area posed certain challenges during the transport and erection phases. However, with good cooperation between the main contractor, the consultant, public works and PT. Waagner-Biro Indonesia, construction of the bridge was completed successfully, on time and without major difficulty in 2016.