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20110107 INTENSIVE WASTE-TO-ENERGY STUDY TOUR Seminars and visits to a variety of operational plants

Aerial view of Lenzing waste-to-energy plant
1 July 2011

The International Solid Waste Management Association will run a week-long course for waste-to-energy professionals designed to teach "Best Available Techniques" in the sector. The study tour will be led by the charismatic expert Dr. Franz Neubacher.

This study tour will consist of five intensive waste-to-energy seminars and visits to seven fully operational plants in Austria. There are three main areas of professional learning offered by this unique study tour:

1) Quality seminars will be given every morning on waste management, environmental policy and engineering.
2) There will be seven visits to waste treatment facilities representing "Best Available Techniques" including discussions with operators, government inspectors and reputable suppliers.
3) There will be discussions with political and environmental experts on the control of hazardous waste treatment and waste incineration plants as well as on the consensus process (typical "LULU" projects = "locally unwanted land use" and "NIMBY" reactions = "not in my backyard".)
For Study Tour programme: Please click here
For registration form: Please click here

Deadline for registration: 15.8.11.
Early bird fee (registration and payment by 31.7.11):
ISWA member €2,400
Non-member €2,600

Registration or payment after 31.7.2011:
ISWA member €2,600
Non-member €2,800

Registration fee includes hotels, meals and transport within Austria from 11.9 to 16.9.11. Please read the programme and terms and conditions before registering. For more information please contact Ms Julia Schönherr at

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