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Bumper Year for Austrian food exports

28 February 2012

In 2011 Austrian food and drink exports recorded a staggering 16.1% increase - the largest year-on-year increase since 1995 - cementing Austria's role as the world's "delicatessen".

Austrian agricultural exports rose to €9 billion, an increase of 16.1% in value terms and 4% in volume, based on forecasts by Austria Statistik for 2011. The double-digit growth in value is due both to rising food prices and, more significantly, to a trend towards higher value items. Growth was recorded in many countries, with the BRIC countries contributing strongly. A recent agreement with Turkey on beef exports is helping to grow this sector.

Austrian food is particularly popular with the neighbouring Germans, who buy around one third of all exports (2011: +11.4%) in this category. In the worldwide export ranking Italy took second place, followed by Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A total of 17.9% of Austrian food exports in 2011 went to Eastern European countries, while 13.8% went to the remaining EU 15.

With approximately 25% of land in Austria under organic farming, this country is full on trend in the production of high quality, high value products for health and environment-conscious "foodies".