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4 April 2014

It was a night for celebration as Topflight launched its new offices in Jervis Street, Dublin, bouyed along by upbeat travel figures. Good news for Austria with a 25% increase in the ski business from Ireland in the recent ski season.

Topflight CEO Tony Collins, who started out as a young man in Thomas Cook, spied a business opportunity in the 1970s when he recognised the Irish people's growing appetite for "continental" travel. Last night staff and invited guests gathered to celebrate the new Topflight offices on the 5th floor of Jervis House in Dublin's north city centre. There were stunning views over the roofs of Dublin, and a golden sunset in the direction of west Dublin added to the ambience.  

Tony's son Neal, Topflight's Sales Director, told us proudly how his father started his own business from a shop in Dublin's nearby Dorset Street while his family lived upstairs. A couple of years in Drogheda and Tony was well on his way to making Topflight the institution it is today, one of Ireland's leading travel agencies with a permanent staff of over 100, including 35 in UK. This figure rises to 250 during peak season.

The new offices are stylishly laid out in white with creative touches. Note the skis upcycled as coat hooks, or the colourful cable cars restyled as meeting pods complete with phones. Glass panels surround the entire floor and open up the city. The Dublin and Wicklow mountains are tantalisingly close. The comfortable and uplifting work atmosphere reminds you of the trendy Google and Facebook offices.

It is refreshing to see that the man who started out in Dorset Street has come full circle just round the corner in Jervis Street. Topflight's investment is much needed in the north city centre, and with that, Tony Collins is obviously showing a love of the city of Dublin and a level of confidence in the future of the Irish travel industry. "Our business is based in Ireland and we are here to stay" said Tony in a speech to the guests.

We at Advantage Austria congratulate Tony, his family and all the staff of Topflight. To date Topflight has taken over 250,000 Irish people to Austria on skiing and summer holidays. The current figures are very encouraging with a bounce of 25% in the recent ski season.

Photo: l. to r. Tony Collins, CEO Topflight raises a glass with Wilhelm Nest, Austrian Commercial Counsellor