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Vienna is Austria's third largest centre of industry

24 June 2014

Vienna holds its own as a centre of industry. Although the number of manufacturing companies is declining, value creation is going up.

Major cities such as Vienna are rarely serious contenders in industry, however in 2010 Vienna boasted 8,000 companies in the “manufacturing sector” with around 137,000 employees. This figure has slipped back over the past 15 years, but value creation has been increasing, as shown by a recent study by the Federation of Austrian Industries.

18% of the city’s total value added was generated by manufacturing, totalling EUR 12.3 bn. This was mainly created by the 200 or so companies with more than 100 employees. The figures over a 15-year period (1995 to 2010) plainly show that there are now fewer companies, but with greater productivity. While there were 259 companies with over 100 employees in 1995, this number had fallen to 194 in 2010. Value added in the same period increased from EUR 7.5 bn (1995) to EUR 9.3 bn (2010); this makes Vienna Austria’s third largest province for manufacturing behind Lower Austria and Upper Austria.

In order to continue to strengthen industrial activity, the city of Vienna and industry representatives have now agreed a location deal with a range of measures to secure good framework conditions in the future. The 50 measures not only relate to the manufacturing sector, but also focus on education, research & development, infrastructure and transport.