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WHITE HOUSE USES Austrian web intelligence for climate initiative

4 December 2014

The "Climate Resilience Toolkit" by US climate agency and Austrian start-up webLyzard aims to raise awareness of climate change.

On behalf of the White House, US Vice President Joe Biden recently presented a new initiative which makes use of innovative web intelligence technology by webLyzard . The US government wants to create a comprehensive archive and raise public awareness on climate change. The initiative is called the “Climate Resilience Toolkit” and integrates the latest reports from the websites of all relevant US government agencies with the findings from regional climate centres. Interactive visualization is used alongside cutting-edge methods for the automatic analysis of online documents.

For millions of US citizens this accessible platform is set to be the virtual gateway to authoritative information on everything to with climate change. Agency documents will be collected and presented in a uniform format to make the existing information more accessible. This has also been facilitated through the technology of Austrian company webLyzard technology. The company develops innovative solutions for analysing and bundling public online communication for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which led the development of the Toolkit by order of the President.

In addition to providing innovative web intelligence solutions to government agencies, webLyzard also works with commercial clients, for example renowned brands in the telecom and retail sectors. The strengths of webLyzard lie in its ability to provide market research data in real time, recognise trends, visualize information flows and precisely measure communication success.