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R&D expenditure in Austria continues its steady rise

7 May 2015

Austria's research spending in relation to GDP will exceed 3% for the first time this year - more than EUR 10 bn is set to be spent on research and development in 2015.

In 2015 Austria's gross expenditure on research and experimental development (R&D) is set to surpass EUR 10 bn for the first time according to estimates from Statistics Austria . This represents research spending of just over 3% in relation to Austria's gross domestic product (GDP).

The largest share of research expenditure is provided by domestic enterprises, accounting for EUR 4.67 bn (47.2%), followed by the public sector with EUR 3.77 bn (37.3%). EUR 43m (0.4%) comes from the private non-profit sector. The remainder of R&D expenditure comes from abroad (15.1% or EUR 1.53 bn) and primarily originates from international companies whose subsidiaries conduct research in Austria. Funding from EU subsidies is also included in this figure.

Austria is fifth in the EU in terms of research spending in relation to GDP (international comparison 2013). Only Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany have a higher ratio. The average research expenditure (% of GDP) of the EU-28 was 2.01% in 2013.