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Creative Industries - a highly promising sector

12 May 2015

The creative industries are among Austria's most dynamic economic sectors. Around 39,000 companies generate revenue in excess of EUR 20 bn per year.

Austria’s creative industries have evolved from a dynamic niche phenomenon into a strong economic growth factor. As the latest report on the creative industries clearly shows, the number of companies rose by 8% between 2008 and 2012 to more than 39,000. There was even a growth spurt of 10% each in the number of employees and the revenue generated. Around 140,000 people in Austria work in the creative industries.

The Austrian creative industries are part of a dense international network and their knowhow enjoys buoyant demand worldwide. Total revenue is over EUR 20 bn and international clients account for around 15% of the total. Exports for creative services recently reached EUR 2.85 bn.

The largest and fastest growing creative sector involves software and games companies, with a share of around 30%, followed by the sectors music, books, artistic activities and advertising. More than 40% of the companies and well over 50% of revenue come from Vienna.

The Austrian creative industries are increasingly acting as innovation drivers in established industries. Creative services play a key role in making products and services more attractive, enhancing their marketing, taking new approaches to business and production processes, and digitalising the economy.

With value creation of around EUR 7.9 bn, the creative industries are responsible for around 4% of economic output in Austria.