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Food Coops to counteract food waste

Growing populartiy of Food Coops in Austria ©


7 August 2015

Food coops are the latest trendsetters in the slow and local food movement in Austria

Food coops are a new trend in Austria. Residents of a town or a city district cooperate in buying food directly from  farms instead of supermarkets. Currently, Austria counts 36 food coops – most of them in bigger cities such as Vienna or Salzburg. All food coops are organized individually as per their members´ requirements and liking.  Some of them pay monthly fees into a common account from which the farmers’ production costs, the rent for the sales space as well as the transport costs are covered. To effectively reduce the waste of food, members of food coops  must order their food online in advance. Based on these orders, the farmer supplying the respective food coop will deliver these amounts with zero food waste. 

A further step is taken by the farmers themselves. More and more Austrian farmers are converting to so called community-supported or community-shared agricultures (CSA). That means members of a CSA economically support the farm for one year covering its expenses. In return the members have a say in the governance of the agricultural production. One way the members are involved is in annual meetings in which members and the farmer jointly decide which crops will be grown. 

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