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Annual Team-Building with a View to Innovation 

5 September 2017

Meetings with Galway Chamber and RebelBio

The Advantage Austria team went on their annual team-building trip which this year took them to the Southern city of Cork on 1st Sept. They took this opportunity to visit two important stakeholders in the region: Cork Chamber of Commerce and SOSV ’s RebelBio .

Current activities as well as potential future collaborations (with particular interest shown in EEN ) were discussed with Cork Chamber of Commerce along with an exchange of views regarding the impact of Brexit.

At SOSV the team were given an overview of their activities globally but also a more detailed picture of their subsidiary RebelBio. RebelBio focuses on biotechnology startups and is based in Cork. Since 2014 they take in a cohort every year. They have had the following three exciting Austrian participants so far:

The day was rounded off nicely with a visit to nearby picturesque Kinsale.