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From Gaelic Football to Flood Protection - everything is smart now!

17 December 2015

Dublin is a Trendsetter when it comes to Smart Cities: Universities and Tech Giants collaborate promoting Internet of Things processes

It is common knowledge that players of sports like Gaelic Football and Hurling have to be smart to stay on top of their game.

The fact that the home of Gaelic Sports, Dublin’s Croke Park Stadium is smart too only began to dawn on Commercial Counsellor Wilhelm Nest when he got a tour of this very special venue on the occasion of the Dublin Smart City Tour (3-4 December 2015).

With a holding capacity of 82.000 fans, Croke Park Stadium is the fifth largest of its kind in Europe. According to the Commercial Counsellor, 'the venue with all the processes that happen in the background can be seen as microcosm of a Smart City and as a playground for experimentation with IoT-processes (Internet of Things):  lawn maintenance, purchasing of various supplies, managing visitor traffic, sewage and waste disposal and last but not least using the venue for trade fairs and conferences on days without sports events.'

In collaboration with Intel Labs Europe and Dublin City University (DCU), the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is testing on a small scale what will affect our daily urban lives sooner than we think.

Further stops on the Dublin Smart City Tour and topics presented:

  • Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI): Smart Energy Management , Smart Grid
  • Trinity College / The Sustainable Connected Cities and Future Cities Research Center: City Watch, Flood Watch, City Sensing
  • DCU APLHA Innovation Campus: Custer for innovative Companies (IoT, Sensors, Cleantech, Healthtech, etc.)
  • IBM Research / Future Challenges of Cities and IBM Smarter Cities: Cognitive IoT, Smarter Care
  • Dublin City Council (DCC): Smart Dublin, Dublinked, Dublin Dashboard

''Dublin City Council is best practice for an administration cleverly tapping into the potential of the many national and international IT-companies present in the Dublin region, to promote and establish IT-systems which help to make the administration and organization of the city more efficient. With a rapidly growing population (at present 1.3 Mio. in the Greater Dublin Area), Dublin faces many challenges – and is turning more and more into a Smart City’, explains the Commercial Counsellor.