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MIT EUROPE CONFERENCE 2011, 23 - 24 March, Vienna
Innovation in a Networked World: Technology, People, and Places 



14 January 2011

At the invitation of the Austrian Trade Commission, this year's MIT Europe Conference will be held in Vienna on 23 - 24 March 2011. The conference will be a sharing of seminal knowledge among MIT researchers, their European counterparts and business technology experts.

The focus of this year's conference is on the possibilities of broadening human-centred technology as it relates to people, technology and places.

Increasing deployment of sensors, hand-held electronics, interactive media, and cutting edge advances in IT are fuelling a new human-oriented approach to foster connections between people, ideas, and physical places. This approach recognises the major trends of how populations are concentrating in urban settings together with their increasing sensitivity to the environment and social issues.

Companies that reinvent themselves to capture new opportunities made possible by a networked world are incorporating organisational and business-process changes, including a broader sharing of information, decentralised decision making, and making greater investments in training and education.

This conference will focus on how a networked world is changing innovation to make both companies and communities more human and more productive.  

To read more and to register, please go to the conference website .