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Rebeat Digital in India

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9. March 2011

DALER MEHNDI – Indian musician and superstar counts on the music distribution software of Austrian pioneer REBEAT Digital

REBEAT Digital , the Austrian digital music distribution pioneer is very proud to announce his latest
signing of contracts with Indian artists. Daler Mehndi already received double platin for his hit
„Tunak Tunak Tun“. In February 2011 he uploaded his new single „Jugni“ with REBEAT Digital’s
software to over 300 digital music shops worldwide. As Youtube clicks and IPod user all over the
world already proved a long time ago, people want their music digitally and legally available for fair
prices. REBEAT Digital helps to arrange the best way for artists to distribute music digitally.
„We truly believe in the Indian music market and we want to expand the cooperation between
Indian musicians, producers and also labels with REBEAT Digital.“ REBEAT Digital’s CEO Günter Loibl
declares. „Our new promotion bureau promotes Daler Mehndi’s music also in the USA and Great
Britian. We got lots of possibilties to support and promote the music of our Indian partners in foreign
countries‘ music shops“.

In the 21st century music happens digitally. Daler Mehndi’s „Tunak Tunak Tun“ was watched over 20
Million times on Youtube. The Indian Superstar chose REBEAT Digital to make money out of a fact
that nobody can refuse anymore. Just as Daler Mehndi every musician, producer, DJ and each and
every label experiences an alteration of distribution within the music industry.

REBEAT Digital is the Austrian digital music distribution pioneer which operates internationally. They
created a software which enables musicians, producers, DJ’s and labels to upload their music and
distribute it digitally through over 300 music stores worldwide. 85 % of the revenues remain to the
REBEAT Digital‘s clients themselfes. The company also offers promotion tools and a Media Promotion
Service which conduces radio and tv stations to sample every track which was added to this free
service. Besides they handle the mechanical royalties processing worldwide for their clients, provide
support and encoding of all music data into required formats of all shops and many more.

REBEAT Digital also wants to mention further well-known artists of India, who rely on this unique
- Ram Sampath
- Amar Mohile
- Raghav Sachar