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Austrian Regions post high research to GDP ratio

4. September 2017

The Austrian research expenditures will grow by 3.8% and thus will amount to EUR 11.3 Billion in 2017.

Consequently, the research to GDP ratio will reach 3.14% this year. While nearly half of the research spending is done by Austrian companies, the public sector contributes 36% or about EUR 4 Billion. About 15% of research is financed by foreign companies through their subsidiaries in the country.

In a 2015 comparison by Statistik Austria of 276 regions in Europe, Styria tops the list with a research to GDP ratio of 5.16%. Vienna with 3.66%, Upper Austria with 3.18%, Carinthia with 3.15% and Tyrol with 3.14% post remarkable numbers as well. This illustrates not only the high significance of R&D in Austria, but also the excellent environment Austria provides for companies in this division.

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