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Energy Globe National Award India 2015

23. June 2015

Prevention of agriculture residues burning for environment protection and energygeneration: An innovative biomass collection model

This years Energy Globe National Award goes to Abellon Clean Energy Ltd., Ahmedabad. 

The Indian Gujarat state is known for cotton production and its richness in lignite resources. Cotton growing farmers burn the residues of cotton stalk on their farms polluting the environment and contributing to land degradation without using the heat energy while lignite like every fossil fuel is limited and its use for energy generation pollutes urban areas. Cotton stalk is non-edible for cattle and piling of the residues generates greenhouse gases resulting from decomposition. This project established a decentralized collection model, employing 118 local entrepreneurs to collect cotton stalk and other crop residues for bio-power and bio-pellet production. More than 336,000 tons of biomass were used for the production of 319,200 tons of pellets, replacing the use of lignite and therefore reducing CO2 emissions by 542,640 tons. Urban industries have started to replace fossil fuels with bio-power, meet their emission goals and can brand their products as made from green fuel. A positive side-effect of the project is the provision of job opportunities for the local population which reduces migration from rural to urban areas. The surplus income of $ 28 per acre and year is invested in children’s higher education, health insurance and modern agricultural tools. By preventing the on-farm burning of waste, farmers restored 41,208 ha of land. 1.5% of the 302,300,000 ha used for cotton production in Gujarat are covered under this initiative with the potential to expand and replicate.

This source of clean energy generation is undoubtedly one that can bring about a radical and lasting transformation in the world – economically, environmentally and socially.

In the upcoming weeks many more national Energy Globe winners will be honored in their countries in co-operation with Advantage Austria. The winning projects range from high-tech to simple but effective ideas and provide answers to most of our environmental problems – be it through energy efficiency or renewable energy use or the careful use of our resources, such as water.

All national Energy Globe winners from more than 170 countries will be introduced online at in the realm of ENERGY GLOBE’s unique and global online Best Practice Week. Kick-off date is the UN World Environment Day on 5 June. Under the patronage of UNESCO and in cooperation with UNEP this unique awareness raising campaign from Energy Globe runs under the motto: We save the planet by acting, not by talking. Sustainability starts with you!

Sustainable projects can be submitted again for Energy Globe Award 2016! All details and the entry form are available for download on below mentioned link.

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