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HOW THE austrian subsidiary Muenzer bharat PVT. ltd. STRIVES TO IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT

5. February 2018

Muenzer Bharat Pvt. Ltd. as part of Muenzer Bioindustrie GmbH is an owner-managed family company that has set itself the goal of generating energy from waste and residual materials.

Inspired by the visit of India’s Oil and Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, Muenzer Bharat Pvt. Ltd runs a collection system for Used Cooking Oil (UCO) & is setting up a new plant to convert this Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel. Muenzer Bharat Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in September of 2016 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In February of 2017, the company attained ISCC certification. This guarantees 100% traceability for your used cooking oil (UCO), a sustainable energy resource. Muenzer Bharat Pvt Ltd helps in addressing 3 major issues in India. 

Health Issue
Hotels and restaurants partnering with us can make your food tastier and healthier byraising the quality of the oil it is cooked in. Moreover, we guarantee their used cooking oil (UCO) never re-enters the food chain, which improves the health of the general population.

Environmental Issue
Waste-based biodiesel reduces net CO2 emissions by 95% compared to conventional diesel,because each carbon atom is used twice before it is released into the atmosphere: once for cooking and once as fuel. Our waste collection systems and services reduce environmental pollution and turn waste into resources.

Economic Issue
We will expand the waste management sector and create new jobs in India. Producing biodiesel from used cooking oil (UCO) will improve national energy security and the balance of payments while helping India meet its commitments to curbing carbon emissions. All of these outcomes will strengthen the economy.

Our main aim is to contribute to raising life expectancy, improving the environment and delivering energy independence for India!