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Vienna's Naschmarkt celebrates its 100th anniversary 

3. October 2016

The Naschmarkt is situated between Linke and Rechte Wienzeile, between Getreidemarkt and Kettenbrücke, on a built-over section of the Wien River. The market is about 2.3 hectares in size and comprises around 170 market stalls and shops and a few cafes and restaurants. On Saturdays, there is also a farmers' market in addition to the permanent stalls. The Naschmarkt offers a wide variety of food, such as fruit and vegetables, bakery products, fish and meat. Vienna's market regulations, which were amended in 2006, allow cafes and restaurants at the Naschmarkt to open until midnight, which is why the market is busy even at night time, particularly during the summer months.

From "ash market" to today's Naschmarkt 

The name "ash market", which was widely used by the Viennese during the early days of the market, has two possible origins. It may either refer to the former use of the area as an ash disposal site or it may derive from the term "ash" (German: "Asch"), which was used to refer to milk containers made from ash wood. The current layout of the market dates back to designs by Otto Wagner. As early as during World War I, new market stalls were built, giving the market its uniform visual appearance which still characterises it today. In 1919, the original part of the market near Secession/Karlsplatz was closed down, restricting the Naschmarkt to its current location along Wienzeile.

Infrastructural renovation and revitalisation

After nearly 100 years of business, the Naschmarkt needed a revitalisation and a thorough renovation of its infrastructure. All water and electricity lines as well as the sewage and rainwater drainage systems have been completely renewed. In addition, a waste compaction facility and a hazardous waste collection site have been built. As a result of the completed surface renovation, the Naschmarkt today is mostly barrier-free. Since the market stalls are listed, the renovation works have not changed the visual appearance of the market.