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Hubert Ebner India brings safety to India’s roads

12. June 2017

Austro Indian Venture aims to make driving in the whole country safer

The chaos on India’s streets is enormous, as are the numbers of killed people every year which is a result of a lack of safety awareness in the country in Ebner’s opinion.

Hubert Ebner’s company tries to fight this huge problem via training courses for private car drivers as well as professional truck drivers among other services. Having trained 200.000 car owners and having observed 50.000 truck drivers since 15 years, the company has definitely already changed the situation in India. For 2017 the company set the goals to bring safety awareness to every state in India. Via defensive driving training for people that already own a license, the company wants to target this group specifically. The company would like to stay a market leader in the future - currently owing 75% market share - but also would like to develop in the field do of high end research and policy making with government agencies in India.

Please also see a current newspaper article about their work -