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Coming to your rescue since 1866

A cat up a tree, an accident on the road and a house in flames may seem like three completely unrelated incidents. Nevertheless, they all have one thing that ties them together, the world famous red fire engine.

Bright, bold, hard to miss, these vehicles and the brave men and women who operate them have inspired many a boy and girl to join the fire service. However, have you ever wondered who builds these trucks?

One of the leading players in the manufacturing of fire-service vehicles worldwide is Rosenbauer International AG . Founded in 1866 in Linz, Austria by Johann Rosenbauer, the company was the first Austria-wide firefighting enterprise. Today they are a global market leader, with manufacturing sites in Austria, Germany, USA, Spain and Singapore, they produce and supply an extensive range of fire and rescue gear, with equipment and vehicles made-to-measure.

The Rosenbauer brand’s success has not been lost on the African continent either, thanks in part to their local distribution partners John Holt Plc in Nigeria and Christork Industries Ltd in Ghana and also thanks to the reliability of Austrian engineering.

In conclusion, next time you call the fire service in case of emergency you can rest assured that if it is a Rosenbauer vehicle it will work.