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Rural electrification in Tanzania

Austrian company ELEKTRO MERL supplied power and lighting to ten villages in the regions of Kigoma, Tabora, Singida and Dodoma in Tanzania using photovoltaic systems and LED PV street lights.

Elektro Merl GmbH , located in Bruck an der Mur, is an Austrian enterprise founded in the year 1928. The company is specialised in the business segments of electrical engineering, sale of electronic goods and services and projects in the renewable energy sector, e.g. rural electrification using photovoltaic Technology.

Building on the experience that Elektro Merl gained in the photovoltaic projects “Senegal I” and “Senegal II”, the company developed a programme for the Republic of Tanzania. The idea behind Elektro Merl’s rural electrification projects is to install photovoltaic stations in rural villages that electrify up to 65 households, hospitals, pharmacies and schools and PV street lamps that illuminate the villages’ streets at night. The company developed those photovoltaic systems in 2008 and in the course of the past years and projects Elektro Merl has been able to refine the system and its Outcome.

The project in Tanzania is called “Photovoltaic Project Power Supply for Schools, Rural Hospitals, Sanitary Stations and/or Houses in Villages in Tanzania and Human Resources Development” and was successfully implemented between summer 2013 and spring 2015. The project comprises the rural electrification of 10 villages in Tanzania by implementing a total of 14 photovoltaic stations. Assuming that every village counts 65 households and every household contains 6 people, the project managed to connect approximately 5450 people to the power grid.