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South Africa‘s first “Green Beer”

Brewing company produces region’s first “green beer” with Austrian help from GREENoneTEC.

In an effort to reduce production costs and increase its competiveness in a market place, the Cape Town based „Cape Brewing Company“, also known as CBC, became the first brewery in South Africa to use solar thermal technology to produce over 60% of its hot water demand from the sun.

The solar power system, which is installed on CBC premises, includes 12 m² × 10 m² solar thermal collectors, which transfer heat to a 10,000 litre water storage container through a heat-exchange station. This is the first time that GREENoneTEC solar thermal panels have been used in Southern Africa.

The beer brewing process requires water temperatures of 85°C which was previously generated by a traditional paraffin boiler. By using solar thermal energy, CBC has reduced the associated energy costs by more than 50%, thereby significantly reducing its carbon impact on the environment, and now rightfully claiming that they are producing South Africa‘s first “Green Beer”.

CO2 Reduction: 150.000 kg/per year

collector area: 120 m² (12 pcs)