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Environmental technology revolution in Taiwan

 The start of Neuhold’s activities in Taiwan coincides with the beginning of mainstream environmental awareness on the island. The Austrian provider of environmental engineering know-how was one of the first European companies active in the field and has been on the forefront of improving the Taiwanese environment since 1988. 

Neuhold has participated in over a hundred Taiwanese projects, far more than any other European environmental engineering company, including almost all flood control projects and sewer treatment projects since the 1990s. Its outstanding achievements include Taiwan’s largest wastewater treatment projects Lov-Kai-Chou, Tan-Swe, Lo-Dong, Fu-Tien and An-Ping, all of them with a capacity exceeding 50000 cmd.

Moreover, Neuhold was instrumental in introducing the advantages of European digester systems in Taiwan, thus laying the groundwork for a revolution in environmental technology on the island.

Dedication to the market, a long-term view of all projects (some lasting ten years or more from conception to operation) and a very strong partnership with a local partner are Neuhold’s recipes for its outstanding success in Taiwan.

Neuhold Environmental Technology has more than 35 years of experience in design, manufacture, supply, installation, start-up, as well as after-sales service of electro-mechanical equipment for municipal and industrial water and waste water treatment plants, biogas plants, sewer management and flood protection.

With an export share of 90% of turnover, Neuhold is able to employ the most recent technology, based on local standards around the world.