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First high-tech IC substrate manufacturer in China

Profit from the technology leader’s innovation and experience

With a total investment of EUR 550 million, AT&S is one of the largest Austrian industrial investors in China. The company is a technology leader for HDI printed circuit boards and its customers include the top international mobile phone manufacturers. After its entry to China in 2001, AT&S has increased its capital 5 times, and has now over 4,300 employees working in the company’s plant in Shanghai.

As a technology leader and innovative company, AT&S has invested more than EUR 30 million in green treatment. With a team of more than 100 engineers and technicians on environmental protection, the company applies a very strict internal management system of Green Production. AT&S also makes a great contribution to social responsibility. Regarded by the association as the benchmark in the industry, AT&S has won numerous awards from the government, including ‘Customs AA enterprise‘, ‘Double Excellent Enterprise’ and ‘State-level AAA enterprise with good credit in honoring contract‘.

In 2011 the initial investment for the Chongqing facility in China marked AT&S‘s next step into Asia and into further success. In 2013 AT&S cooperated with a leading manufacturer of semiconductors and is now gearing up the Chongqing facility as the first high-tech IC substrates manufacturer in China.