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Supplying state-of-the-art hearing implants to the NHS

MED−EL is the world’s technology leader in implantable hearing solutions, committed to helping to remove hearing loss as a barrier to communication.

Within the UK and Ireland, the company works with specialist NHS and private hearing implant clinics to ensure that people of all ages have access to the latest hearing implant and audio processor technology suitable for their unique hearing loss.

The UK-based team provides specialist operational, training, and clinical support to audiologist, ENT surgeons, and rehabilitation professionals to ensure that patients can achieve their best hearing outcomes.

MED-EL products are suitable for patients of all ages experiencing conductive, sensorineural, mixed, or a profound hearing loss. State−of−the−art technology includes bone conduction, middle ear, and cochlear implant systems, many of which are world firsts resulting from over 30 years of research and commitment to advancing the technological and scientific foundation in the field of hearing implants.