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A thousand and one Lights

With some 98% of its production going for export, LIGHTS OF VIENNA has just pulled off the biggest coup in its 30-year history, landing a EUR 100 million-plus contract to light up the Islamic holy places, Mecca and Medina.

LIGHTS of VIENNA is globally leading in design, development and production of high quality decorative lighting. The engineering and production of all custom made products takes place in the facilities around Vienna, Austria. In close cooperation with high-end designers and architects a large number of unique lighting solutions have been created. 

The deal, that LIGHTS OF VIENNA is involved in, is part of a multi-billion-euro makeover of the infrastructure in Saudi Arabia ordered by King Abdulaziz. Mecca alone is being transformed to accommodate more than three times the number of pilgrims it now copes with every day, which is up to three million. For this project 7.000 luxurious chandeliers in different sizes are needed from Austria. The most impressive are as tall as a single family house, weigh seven tons each and cost EUR 1 million per piece. Gilding alone involves treating an extraordinary 37,000 square metres, work which has had to be spread among companies in South Tirol, Veneto and Graz, creating in all some 200 to 300 extra jobs.