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From a garage workshop to Formula 1

Until a few years ago Carbo Tech was a name that only experts knew. The Salzburg company are specialists in the development of CRFP (carbon fibre reinforced plastics), also known as carbon.

The lightweight construction specialist was founded in a basement in 1993. A few years later in 1997 the company from Salzburg received its first order from the automotive industry. In 2000, after another few years of rapid growth and development, Carbo Tech entered the world of Formula 1.

Reaching a new milestone in the company's history, Carbo Tech went on to win the world's largest contract for the serial production of lightweight carbon fibre monocoques. These are single-unit passenger seats made from carbon fibre.

The future looks bright for Carbo Tech and in the next couple of years the Austrian company will be building parts for the latest carbon-based premium sports car generation.