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Navigating the urban jungle with bamboo!

The Vienna-based company is having its bike frames crafted in the Ugandan capital of Kampala by Boogali Bikes Uganda Limited.

This isn’t really anything new, as the first bamboo bike dates back to the 19th century. Even a hundred years ago the advantages offered by bamboo were clear: for a start it does not require the same energy intensive manufacturing as metal, yet it is just as sturdy and robust, only much lighter. It is environmentally-friendly, as bamboo is one of the fastest growing renewable resources around, and it even takes CO2 from the atmosphere.

The frame is, of course, weather-resistant, and can be ridden in the cold and wet in Reykjavik, in the hot summers and cold winters of central Europe and in Andalusian desert climates. In summary, it can cope with the demands of any climate.

The Vienna-based company Bambooride is having its bike frames crafted by Boogali Bikes Uganda Limited in the Ugandan capital of Kampala. This is a company which places emphasis on the skills and knowledge of local people, some of whom are even professional racing cyclists. The bamboo frames supplied by Bambooride are also Fairtrade products, which means that the local employees are paid fairly, so as to guarantee them a secure livelihood.