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The United Nations relies on a weather reporting service from Austria


UBIMET has been selected by the United Nations Development Programme to provide meteorological services and infrastructure to developing nations.

UBIMET's detailed weather forecasts are in demand all over the world, and the Austrian company is now the sole officially endorsed European meteorological service to supply weather reports to the United Nations. UBIMET’s successful tender for a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) contract means it will provide developing nations with equipment and services for meteorological und hydrological early warning systems.

UBIMET has secured a long-term contract to provide support to national weather reporting agencies (especially in Africa) as they set up and expand their weather information systems. The equipment supplied will include lightning detector and weather station infrastructure, as well as weather forecasting and short-term storm prediction systems. The contract also includes maintenance, training and software development.

UBIMET is the world’s leading supplier of meteorological forecasting systems, weather information and other bespoke services. Measurements from some 26,000 weather stations plus satellite, weather radar, radio probe and lightning data is uploaded to UBIMET’s servers around the clock, and analysed by the company’s expert team. With more than 400 staff and facilities in Europe, Australia and the USA, UBIMET maintains one of the largest weather databases in the world.