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Mayday systems for commercial shipping and pleasure boats from Austria


Austrian electronics specialist FT-TEC is enjoying great demand for its search and rescue transmitters, which are used in both commercial and pleasure ships.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) reports, drowning comes second to road traffic accidents as the most common cause of death, with most marine misadventures occurring close to shore or in the vicinity of boats. In response, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) launched the AIS communications system in 2000, and FT-TEC Electronics GmbH’s Search and Rescue-System SEAANGEL – like all the other innovative products manufactured by this Austrian company – makes use of this AIS standard to significantly increase mariners’ survival chances in an emergency. The signals can be received and/or located by any other vessels in range of the AIS system.

FT-TEC Electronics develops and manufactures sophisticated innovative emergency systems for both commercial shipping and pleasure boats. These are manufactured exclusively in Austria and exported worldwide. The SEAANGEL AIS Search & Rescue Transmitter – a mobile maritime safety device – even netted the company a national prize for innovation.

Further development of the transmitter has also made the emergency/rescue system suitable for use in lifeboats, life rafts and lifebelts, making this first search and rescue device a real market innovation. The compact AIS FLARE – an emergency transmitter measuring only 62 x 41 x 29 mm – has a range of up to 10 nautical miles and can be easily integrated into lifejackets, marker buoys and life rafts/lifebelts. The battery-operated, USB stick format MOBILE AIS receiver is also the ideal solution for sailors without their own boat; it transmits AIS data via wifi and will operate for up to 20 hours.