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Kreisel Electric opens R&D centre


The batteries that this Austrian company develops for electric vehicles are so innovative that the international car industry is beating a path to its door.

Started by three brothers in the garage of their parents’ firm, innovative eMobility solution provider Kreisel Electric GmbH has made a name for itself almost overnight. The company has been developing the world’s lightest and most efficient high-performance eMobility batteries since 2014 and are now working with the crème de la crème of the international automobile industry.

Kreisel’s innovation is based on lithium-ion technology. Optimising the electrical connection between cells while simultaneously cooling them allows an energy density to be achieved that represents a significant improvement on conventional methods. Working with its partners, Kreisel has already been able to apply the technology to eKarts, eScooters and eBikes, as well as private cars, buses, goods vehicles and even ships and aeroplanes.

As developers of high-performance batteries for eMobility, Kreisel has recently opened a new research and development centre as its Austrian headquarters. The almost 7,000m2 facility contains a prototype workshop and an automated production line for Kreisel Electric batteries. The company is hoping that the factory, which will employ more than 200 staff in 2018, will help the company grow further while maintaining its technological lead and expanding its international eMobility business.

Kreisel has also been enjoying the support of Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger, nephew of former California Governor Arnold. Based in Los Angeles, Knapp-Schwarzengger heads a group of strategic partners that has invested in Kreisel Electric and is promoting its expansion within the USA.