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No more fake news

logo © Newsadoo / 18th Floor Onlinemedia GmbH

© Newsadoo / 18th Floor Onlinemedia GmbH


Newsadoo is a digital platform aggregating trustworthy and relevant news from regional, national and/or international sources that can be used on your desktop, mobile or Alexa unit. Newsadoo uses artificial intelligence to understand, categorise and sort each article appropriately.

The Newsadoo company was founded with the aim of reinventing newspapers digitally. Many readers today like to receive their news from a variety of sources in a range of locations, and at any time of the day or night; to achieve this, content from various media sources has to be bundled together.

The consumer behaviour of newspaper readers has obviously changed in recent years. Keeping up-to-date means obtaining information from a range of different sources rather than using just a single outlet, but swapping between the various dailies’ websites can often take time and effort.

This is why Newsadoo has developed a solution to the problem – articles from a range of sources relevant to the customer are displayed together in one place on the company’s website. David Böhm, one of Newsadoo’s founders, has described the platform as ‘Spotify for news’ and as all it takes to read the news from a wide range of sources is registration and a monthly subscription, the comparison is rather apt.

Based in Upper Austria and used around the world is the title chosen by the OÖ (Upper Austria) Export Center for the project it has launched in conjunction with the ‘Gründen’ online platform and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA to find the best international start-ups, and 21 of the hottest international start-ups from Upper Austria have been selected from all the applications to win awards.

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