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 The next generation of presentations


Presono allows you to make multimedia presentations that depict content and news more flexibly while speeding up slide processing with greater interactivity. The software enables access to all business structure data and documents directly, both on- and offline.

There is now a new software suite with plenty of additional functionality for companies looking for a bit of variety in their corporate presentations. Presono , a Linz start-up, has set itself the task of revolutionising conventional presentations.

Many companies in a whole range of different fields tend to use the same programs to put presentations together, and the end results are often rather similar. Individual solutions make it possible to stand out from the crowd and this is where Presono come in. The company was founded with the aim of writing the next chapter in presentations.

Presono offers a proprietary networked presentation software suite with a range of additional functionality. The programme is simple and intuitive to use and enables homogeneous use of corporate identity elements. Sophisticated multimedia solutions, moving images and 3D visualisations combine to produce spectacular optics for your presentations, while Presono also ensures that several users can work on a presentation simultaneously.

This new generation of presentation software has already won the approval of prestigious clients such as Red Bull, Keba and Kuka, and Presono are hoping to carve out a global niche for themselves with their smart software.

Based in Upper Austria and used around the world is the title chosen by the OÖ (Upper Austria) Export Center for the project it has launched in conjunction with the ‘Gründen’ online platform and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA to find the best international start-ups, and 21 of the hottest international start-ups from Upper Austria have been selected from all the applications to win awards.

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