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Sustainable business models from renewable energy

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Rises in prosperity and consumption around the world are mostly due to the availability of energy. Creating a clean energy system that offers everyone on the planet, and the generations to come, a chance of a decent life is the sustainable solution to the challenges we face today.

 W & KREISEL GmbH have been dealing with the challenges of electrifying and digitalising infrastructure and buildings since 2014. The company’s services encompass everything from the design, planning and realisation of high-profile large-scale projects all the way to semi- and fully autonomous energy supply technologies.

The W & KREISEL team uses perfectly synchronised hardware and software solutions to create products and energy systems for stationary operation that make both ecological and commercial sense. Rather than focusing on isolated technical solutions or products, the company works holistically to provide a comprehensive solution for the challenges of overloaded networks, digitalisation and the energy revolution. The aim is the effortless, independent integration of diverse energy providers, storage solutions and different consumers – far beyond the confines of a single building or city.

Rooted in Upper Austria – used around the world: 2019 saw Upper Austria’s Export Center OÖ join forces for the second time with hub,ert, the Upper Austrian non-profits network, and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in search of the best international start-ups. From all the applications, 15 from Upper Austria won awards in the Hottest International Start-ups category.

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